Register your property:

The first step is for you to get registered with us.

Download the TMG Hotels APP

This is a free app that you can download from our website or from Google Playstore.

Register yourself as a host

Log-in to the app and complete your registration process online.

Provide details

Give as much detail as you can about rooms, rates, inventory, amenities and facilities along with some great pictures of rooms and facilities. Let your home become an earning member too. Rent it out to travellers and get that additional income to do something you are passionate about or buy what you have been craving for!

Maintain the property

Hosts are expected to provide a neat, hygienic place with clean bed sheets and toilets, along with basic amenities like towel & toiletries.

Build Trust

Write about yourself, and provide documents of Id and address proof (as PAN card, Aadhar card, Govt certification etc) to build the trust of guests looking to book.

How guests book your property

TMG Hotels gets large number of visitors to its website every month. Customers will choose your property after looking at your photos, description, rate and verification status online. Booking request would be sent to you. You can accept or reject the booking as per room availability with you and after checking the guest profile.



How is payment done?

You don't have to worry about the payments. TMG receives the payment from guests on your behalf in advance, and pays you within 72 hours of check-out of the guest

How do I receive money?

The money would be transferred on the bank account details provided by you, and within 72 hours of the guest checking out.

What are your commission & other charges?

TMG Hotels charges 10-15% as usage fee on every booking. You pay 10-15% on your given rate + GST (Actuals Service Tax - At Present it is 18% of booking Value) as commission.

Who raises the bill / invoice?

It is the Host who would raise the invoice to guests. TMG Hotels is only the medium to receive bookings and get the payment.


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